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Only you know what makes you happy.
If you give the ticket to your happiness to someone else this causes suffering.

Expecting that something outside will happen and you will become happier is an illusion.
Expecting that someone will come in your life and you will be finally happy is an illusion.

Delegating the responsibility of your happiness to someone else is an immature attitude of the inner child. These inner psychic dynamics are normal and part of our system.

As adults it is our own responsibility to become our own inner parent. To integrate our different parts of the personality into a healthy, emotionally aware and mature personal system. To be also in contact with our inner child – to allow ourself to be playful, creative, cheerful but also to allow ourself to express all our emotions and feelings. To be able to give us self-love, self-compassion, self-acceptance on a daily basis.

As adults it is our own responsibility to be in contact with our own needs and deep wishes. To know our own boundaries, to respect them and to communicate them.

✨Do you know what really makes you happy?
✨Do you know what are your priorities in life?
✨Are you giving yourself enough love and acceptance?

All these are important for the ability to be happy and fulfilled with yourself and your life.

If you have an emotional deficit inside your personal system, you are attracting deficits in different areas of your life – in relationships, in work, etc.

When you bring your inner psycho-energetic dynamics in harmony, this will take effect to your outside world.

Everything changes from the inside to the outside.

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